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Simply put, a Cougar is a hot older lady who is interested in dating and having relationships with younger men, often called toyboys or cubs. These relationships can be anything from sexy and fun one-night-stands, to long term loving relationships between Cougar and Cub. Here at Fuck A Cougar, we’re here to help these people find each other for fun, dating, or whatever else they’re looking for!


Strictly speaking, there is no upper or lower age limit for being a Cougar, Cub, or Toyboy! However, Cougars are usually women in their late thirties or over, and Cubs and Toyboys are significantly younger than them, usually more than 10 years younger. But, each Cougar and Cub or Toyboy relationship is different. If you’re looking for Cougar Dating Salford, why not sign up today and see who you can find on our site?

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Want to know more about Cougars and the lifestyle? Here are some interesting facts for you to take a look at…

  • In the US, women are older than men by more than 10 years in just 1.7% of marriages. The Cougar and Toyboy lifestyle might not be mainstream, but that’s not going to stop our horny Cougars! They don’t care about what other people think, they’re just looking for their perfect playful younger men to have fun with!
  • A 2002 study found that at least 13% of women in the US aged between 35 and 44 had had sex with a man who was at least five years younger than them! Now, this stat is a bit outdated these days. So, just think how many more hot women are out there today that want to have sex with younger men just like you…
  • A survey of 1000 women found that having a toyboy made them feel on average four years younger than their actual age! And, 10% claimed it made them feel ten years younger! We’re sure that plenty of women out there want to feel these amazing effects… and you can find some of the naughtier ones on our site!

Being a Cougar or Toyboy isn’t for everyone… but it sure is right for the Cougars on Fuck A Cougar! So, if you’re looking for Cougar Dating Salford to enjoy this fun lifestyle too, sign up today!


So, the terms ‘Cougar’ and ‘Toyboy’ might be pretty new terms, but the idea of being a Cougar has been around for a whole lot longer! Learn some more about the history of Cougars and Cubs here:

  • Way back in 428 BC, there lived an Ancient Greek playwright called Euripides. And, he wrote a play called Hippolytos which was considered to be incredibly scandalous! It was about an older woman who fell in love with a younger man. This play didn’t have a happy ending, but it certainly captured the Ancient audience’s imaginations!
  • In the 1700s, arguably the most powerful woman in the world was Catherine the Great. She was definitely an amazing female leader, but she shocked people the world over because of her scandalous affairs! Coming from a conservative culture, her steamy affairs with men up to 15 years he junior were frowned upon by society!
  • Ever heard of Benjamin Franklin? Yes, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States- not particularly sexy. But, he wrote to a younger friend who was reluctant at the prospect of marriage that he should choose an older mistress if he were dead set against marriage! Franklin even had an extensive list of eight reasons why older women were better mistresses than younger ones. We’re sure that some of the Cougars and Toyboys on our site would agree with him to this day!
  • Here’s a recent one for you: French President Emmanuel Macron married a woman who was 25 years his senior! They met at school- where she was his teacher! Now that’s certainly a Cougar/ Toyboy relationship that will go down in history!
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So, why should you think about dating a Cougar? These women have so much to share, here are just some of the benefits!

  • Looking for a casual hookup? Then a Cougar/Cub relationship would be perfect! So many of these older ladies are just looking for a sexy, casual fling with an energetic younger man, so if that’s your thing, sign up today!
  • Societal attitudes are changing. Where once these relationships were frowned upon, people are beginning to realise that an age difference like this just shouldn’t make a difference! Why should your age be a barrier to love or lust between two consenting adults?
  • These ladies are older and so have more experience! As a younger man, cub, or toyboy, you’re sure to be able to learn a thing or two from them, in and outside of the bedroom! Why not get chatting to some Cougars today, and see what you could learn and where it could lead to?
  • Every relationship, no matter if it’s brief or long-lasting, brings different things! Fuck A Cougar aims to bring like-minded people together. Whatever you’re looking for, exciting hookups and relationships are waiting for you here!


  • Meet Cougars straight away! There are so many naughty Cougars who are just waiting for a playful younger man like you to come along… At Fuck A Cougar, we make it easy for you to start meeting the right matches as soon as you sign up. You shouldn’t need to wait too long. They’re waiting for someone just like you, so what are you waiting for?
  • It’s up to you what you want to do. Are you looking for a quick and steamy session with the Cougar of your dreams? Or are you wanting something a bit more long term? Whatever you’re looking for out of your cougar dating Salford experience, we’re here to help you find it. Our horny Cougars are up for anything, so you’re sure to find one who’s looking for the same thing as you.
  • It’s super quick and simple to join our website and start matching with Cougars straight away! We don’t make it unnecessarily complicated for you to become a member. We want you to have fun and meet the Cougars you came here for as much as you do. So, hurry up and sign up- we promise it only takes a minute and then you can start meeting Cougars as soon as possible!
  • Real profiles! The profiles that you can find on Fuck A Cougar aren’t fake. They’re real Cougars who are looking to find real Toyboys like you. There really is nothing to lose by signing up and seeing the sexy real women on offer on our site.
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  • Meet local Cougars! If you’ve come to this site, you’re probably looking for Cougar dating Salford! And if you’re searching for it, think about who else might be doing the same thing… On our site, you can meet horny local ladies who have been waiting for a playful cub just like you! So, if you don’t want to travel far for your naughty fun, we’ve got you covered.
  • Meet Cougars from further afield! But, we don’t just have Cougars from Salford on our site! No, we have them from all over the country! So, if you want to widen your choices, come on our site and have a browse straight away. You never know who you might be able to meet with Fuck A Cougar…
  • Explore your wildest fantasies. Our Cougars are hot and ready for whatever you can throw at them! What’s your deepest Cougar fantasy? If you’re just waiting for the right person to come along and fulfil it, we are here to help you find them with our range of naughty Cougar photo profiles.
  • Try something new? Are you brand new to the Cougar dating scene? Don’t worry, experienced Cougars are just waiting to show you the ropes. But, no matter if you’re just here to try something new, or you’ve been dating Cougars for a while, the right lady for you is sure to be on our site, so hurry up and sign up today!
  • Safe and Secure. Above all, our site is 100% safe and secure, so you can meet and date Cougars with absolutely no risk to your information’s safety! What more reason to sign up and start fucking Cougars in Salford and beyond today?


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